Corrective Services, Australia – New Summary of Findings – ABS

14 June 2017

Corrective Services, Australia has new data for the 2017 March quarter in relation to persons in full-time custody and persons in community-based corrections.

Of great interest and concern were statistics involving Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander prisoners.

  • The average daily number of ATSI prisoners increased 5% over the quarter and increased  7% over the year.
  • ATSI prisoners represent 28% of the total full-time adult prisoner population, whilst accounting for approximately 2% of the total Australian population aged 18 years and over.
  • Queensland is one of three states which accounts for nearly three-quarters of the total ATSI prisoner population.
  • The average daily number of ATSI persons in community-based corrections increased 9% over the year.
  • ATSI persons make up one fifth of the total community-based corrections population of which Queensland has the most number of ATSI persons on community-based corrections.

Please follow the link below to access these statistics.

Australian Bureau of Statistics – Corrective Services, Australia March quarter 2017 Summary of Findings.

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