Updates to the Corrective Services Act & Ministerial Guidelines to the Parole Board Queensland

18 July 2017

The Corrective Services Act 2006 (“the Act”) was recently updated on 3 July 2017. New sections in the Act have been introduced as a result of the Sofronoff Parole Board Reforms.

Of note are changes to Breaches of Parole matters which seek to streamline the process to reduce administrative delay and provide greater accountability for decisions.

The Act also reduces the time frames for parole decisions made by the Parole Board Queensland (“PBQ”) from 180 days to 120 days. The PBQ may extend this time limit to a maximum period of 150 days in order to gather further information to aid their decision making.

To download a copy of the Act, click here. 

Further, the Ministerial Guidelines to the PBQ have also been updated. The new guidelines were issued on 3 July 2017. Importantly, the guidelines establish a framework for determining an applicant’s risk factors which aids the PBQ in their decision making process.

To download a copy of the guidelines, click here. 

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