Review Of The Queensland Parole Board

26 June 2016

The Prisoners Legal Service Inc applauds the recent decision of the Queensland Cabinet to undertake a review of the Queensland Parole Board headed by Walter Sofronoff QC.

As an organisation involved in prisoner’s rights in Queensland for over 25 years, the Prisoners’ Legal Service Inc has detailed experiences with the operation and decision making processes undertaken by the Queensland Parole Boards. Indeed, in recent years the Service has sought to agitate for a review of the operation of the Parole Boards to ensure best practice is implemented in the parole system, to correct what is believed to be a deficient decision making process. In particular, it is considered that limitations on resources, accountability and prisoners’ involvement in the process, impacts upon the fairness and accuracy of decisions made by the Parole Boards about the risk an individual may pose to the community.

Peter Lyons, Director of the Prisoners Legal Service Inc stated:-

“The Service strongly believes that any review of the current parole process must include significant input by those persons who are greatly impacted by the operation of the Parole Boards. Namely, those persons who are placed on parole, persons who are returned to prison for breaches of their parole and prisoners who, in general, are not currently offered access to timely rehabilitation programs, services and interventions including for mental health, domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse.”

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