Latest Corrective Services Statistics by the ABS

7 September 2017

Corrective Services Statistics for June 2017 were recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Of interest in the current statistics are:-

  • From the March quarter 2017, there were increases in prisoner numbers across all states and territories except for South Australia and Northern Territory, which decreased 1% and 2% respectively;
  • In the last five years (from June quarter 2012 to June quarter 2017), the number of persons in custody has increased 40% or 11,722 persons;
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners represented 28% of the total full-time adult prisoner population (during the June quarter 2017), whilst accounting for approximately 2% of the total Australian population aged 18 years and over; and
  • The average daily number of females and males in custody both increased since the June quarter 2016, with females increasing at a higher percentage (10% or 302 persons) than males (6% or 2,218 persons). A similar pattern can also be seen over the past five years with females increasing by 57% (1,229 persons) and males by 38% (10,493 persons).

See the following link for further information:

4512.0 – Corrective Services, Australia, June Quarter 2017

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