Latest Corrective Services Statistics by the ABS

11 June 2018

Corrective Services Statistics for March 2018 were recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Of interest in the current statistics are:-

  • In the March quarter 2018, the average daily number of full-time prisoners in Australia was 42,102. This was an increase of:

    2% (832 persons) from the December quarter 2017; and
    4% (1,525 persons) from the March quarter 2017.

  • Since the December quarter 2017, there were increases in the prisoner numbers for all states and territories with exception of Tasmania where prisoners decreased by 1% (7 persons).The Northern Territory had the largest percentage increase with 8% (132 persons). (Table 1)
  • In the last five years (from March quarter 2013 to March quarter 2018), the number of persons in custody has increased by 38% (11,646 persons). (Table 1 and historical data)
  • In the March quarter 2018, the largest contributors to the national prisoner population were:
    New South Wales (32% or 13,382 persons);
    Queensland (21% or 8,736 persons);
    Victoria (17% or 7,235 persons); and
    Western Australia (16% or 6,814 persons). (Table 1)

See the following link for further information:

4512.0 – Corrective Services, Australia, March Quarter 2018

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