Safe Way Home

Safe Way Home is an initiative by Prisoners’ Legal Service dedicated to assisting prisoners to gain access to gradual release. To achieve this we will help with parole applications and Leave of Absence applications.


Safe Way Home can:
  • provide advice relating specifically to parole
  • provide materials to assist in your application
  • draft or prepare applications on behalf of prisoners with low literacy
  • proof read your application, make suggestions and provide feedback
  • appear before the Parole Board and make representations on your behalf in special circumstances
  • engage in community legal education to train others to assist in parole matters.


Safe Way Home is aimed at overcoming specific barriers faced by disadvantaged prisoners and extra help will be provided with the drafting of parole applications to the following groups:
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Non English speaking
  • Life sentenced prisoners
  • Prisoners with a disability including mental illness & intellectual impairment
  • Low literacy
  • Limited education.
SafeWay Home also provides advice to prisoners with regard to breaches of parole and review of preliminary refusals to grant parole.

Consideration to providing such advice is merit based and in determining whether to take the matter on the Prisoners Legal Service Inc has regard to a number of considerations including: 

  • Prospects of Success
  • The matter is an important test case
  • Whether the prisoner is capable of being self-represented.