Parole Assistance

We can assist a limited number of prisoners with making submissions to the parole board in relation to:

  • Preliminary decisions to refuse parole application; and
  • Requests for show cause submissions in response to decisions to suspend or cancel parole orders.

Provide one-off legal advice in relation to parole related matters.

Due to the high demand for assistance and limited resources available, PLS staff must apply the following three criteria when selecting clients to receive this assistance:

  1. Merit
    • Prospects of success in changing outcome of decision
  2. Capability
    • Whether the client has relevant skills, training, abilities and personal resources required to advocate for themselves in the matter
    • When assessing the client’s capability, staff should consider whether they have any vulnerabilities that may impact on their ability to make submissions including:
      • Disability (cognitive, physical and/or psycho-social)
      • Cultural barriers (Indigenous and ESL prisoners)
      • Women in prison
      • Lengthy incarceration
  3. Capacity
    • Whether the client’s case is one which would require more resources to properly conduct than are available to the Centre at the time
    • When considering PLS’ resources, regard will be had to staff and specialised expertise available